Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Not Fair!

It's not fair! How many have heard that phrase uttered by people in America? It seems to me that the frequency of that careless phrase is increasing, spurred on, perhaps, by politicians and others who stand to gain by telling you they can make it fair. I could say that life's not fair, and offer you no more wisdom than that, but there is more to the story of fairness.

It's not fair that we are so sheltered in this country, that we think anything less than easy is a crime against nature. It's not fair that we have cars that run or public transit or bicycles with more than one gear. It's not fair that our taxis are gas-powered rather than pedal-powered. It's not fair that gasoline is so cheap in this country (and that's the truth).

It's not fair that we eat three meals a day, only to waste much of what we don't finish. It's not fair that we have shelter, heat, and electricity. That things like free wi-fi and continental breakfasts are standard in hotels. For that matter, it's not fair that we have clean beds in rooms with locks on the doors, much less hotels with all their ammenities.

It's not fair that we have properly trained doctors and the best healthcare in the world. Oh, I know it's free in other countries, but that's not better just easier. It's not fair that we have modern hospitals with cable TV and room service, however bad we might complain the food is.

It's not fair that we are free to live our individual lives, practice our religion or no religion, read what we wish to read and say what we wish to say. It's not fair that we are free to take advantage of opportunity, and it's really not fair that we are to scared to live free.

Think of how blessed you are, and consider supporting a program like The MORE Project.

FEATURED MEDIA: "City of God" is the story of a young Brazilian man, growing up in the darker, crime-filled slums of Rio de Janeiro. A dense movie, it is sure to make you think outside your comforts.
The MORE Project is a cause to help the children and single mothers living in those slums. Among other things it builds housing and trains young men how to be fathers.

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