Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Story of FITmedia

FITmedia is an organizational philosophy based upon three components of sustainability: freedom, integrity, and truth. Simply stated, how well the pieces fit, is how fit the pieces are. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle that has been left out in the rain. If the pieces are water-logged, then it is very difficult for them to work together in harmony, each piece's "baggage" needing more space that the adjacent piece can give.

In organizations, this can be seen by its effect on the three elements of man: body, mind, and soul (or one's economic, political, and spiritual life). Materially speaking, this unnatural "baggage" leads to unfair excesses and deficiencies based upon each person's strength of force, which in turn effects that person's economic state. In the political realm (by its broadest, organizational sense), it is a person's clout, rank, or manipulative ability that reigns. Spiritually, the most charismatic leads by imposing his warped world view on those who are "lost."

However, to be "FIT" is to be free from arbitrary constraint, acting with integrity, and informed by the truth of what constitutes integrity. The more the individuals of a society are FIT, the more the society itself will be in a state of fitness. When each person knows his or her specific fit or purpose, the organization both avoids redundant activities and gaps in what needs to be done, therefore increasing effectiveness and economy. Politically, a FIT organization advances only individuals who demonstrate a hunger to learn and a will to improve within their sphere of influence. Spiritually (or as a matter of the heart), those who fill their FIT are respected as sources of wisdom and mentorship.

This whole process is dependent upon the correct information being distributed within the organization, and it is media through which information is distributed. It is the responsibility of those who are FIT to expose others to the media that will repair their thinking, or indeed, get them thinking at all. Often it is not a matter of the media being "correct" but of the media being challenging. Enough challenges to a person's thinking will sharpen the mind, and ultimately reveal the truth.
"Such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. The sun needs no inscription to distinguish him from darkness."
- Thomas Paine

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