Monday, March 29, 2010

Break the Machine

"Government reinforces the class system by the way it runs public education, and big business supports it through the investment legal code." - Oliver DeMille
I recommend that anyone interested in making a difference check out the blog at It is packed with great nuggets (like the above quote) and phenomenally well-thought out essays about America's current social problems and how to solve them! Oliver DeMille is the founder of George Wythe College, author of several books, and a proponent of teaching through classics—what he calls a "Thomas Jefferson Education."

Some time ago, I posted a mid-read review of DeMille's book of the same title (featured on the left). I stand by my opinion having read it fully now and several other things he has written. It is very important that we bring back the spirit of independence that made this country great. Too many of us are dependent on the large system of big government and big business (collectively: "the machine") to solve problems that are really ours to solve.

When I was in school, I was part of an organization that fostered creative thinking through a creative competition. It's the only thing of its kind I've ever seen. Most public schools are proud of their football and baseball teams, and many have formidable band competitions and debate clubs, but no public school in itself fosters creation outside of menial "art" classes (which are mostly feel-good skater classes, in my experience).

What I propose is that we host a similar competition. Small groups of self-motivated and creative people would collaborate on the creation of short films (and possibly other media) through which they would share their views on truth. Several social "problems" would be issued to these groups, which would be guided by a coach to bring out their most innovative thoughts with respect to solving the problem within realistic constraints.

The top award winners would progress through several levels, at the top of which the best of the best would be partnered with phenomenal business and philanthropic organizations who are seeking an innovative market base. Our organizational center would then be only concerned with holding the line on freedom, integrity, and truth—quickly disassociation with those organizations that seek to do harm.

Individuals have limitless potential, but often fail to see it because they are afraid of (or fail to see the importance of) other people in the quest for significance. Voluntary teamwork is imperative to breaking the machine. Individuals must choose to work together for ourselves if we are to loosen the grip of insitutions that demand we work together for them.
FEATURED MEDIA: A Thomas Jefferson Education - A liberating book about self-education.

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