Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb '10: The Month in Posts

In an effort to bring some cohesion to this blog and weed out a lot of random thoughts, I have decided to begin posting an end-of-the-month overview of the best posts from that month. Hopefully, this will help new readers catch up on some of the main ideas we discuss, while providing clarity for those who (I'm sorry) might have been confused by the clutter. Since this is the first post of this nature, I will also be including posts from January '10 and from December '09.

So How Do We Discover Truth? - Dec 21, 2009
At this point in human history, the playing field as been leveled like never before. Not only has the advancement of technology brought powerful tools into the hands of the people (not the least of which is digital media solutions for video and audio), but it has brought us a limitless marketplace in which to share our ideas. Such unfettered access to informational exchange should make us the wisest of all human generations... (read more)

The Story of FITmedia - Jan 9, 2010
FITmedia is an organizational philosophy based upon three components of sustainability: freedom, integrity, and truth. Simply stated, how well the pieces fit, is how fit the pieces are. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle that has been left out in the rain. If the pieces are water-logged, then it is very difficult for them to work together in harmony, each piece's "baggage" needing more space that the adjacent piece can give. (read more)
Media and Mealtime - Jan 30, 2010
To continue the mealtime metaphor, media can be constructed for the purpose of snacktime or dinnertime. It is not the volume or density of a given work that ultimately determines its literary significance, but its ability to fit the role for which it was intended. As with food for the body, media provides a full range of nutritional options for the mind. So it follows, in our contemporary fast-food age, that it is also more convenient and cheaper to feed the mind junk than health (same flaw, different industry). (read more)
The Manifesto of Truth in Fiction - Feb 3, 2010
Truth in Fiction is not referring to the truth of events, but the truth of existence. Fiction allows the author to orchestrate the events and characters in a universe of his or her own design. Because it is not bound by the truth of events, fiction authors can forget that it must be bound by the truth of existence. To forget this is to produce works which are at best, unrelatible to the audience, and at worst, poisonous to the unsophisticated mind. (read more)
Media and Marketing - Feb 7, 2010
Permit me to save a lengthy discussion of the etymology of the word "media," and just say, for our purposes that media is referring primarily to entertainment mass media such as television, movies, novels, and their digital kin. The content of such media is a creative (if not artistic) endeavor, which by its nature attracts a crowd. The easier such media content is for people to access, the bigger the following will be. Therefore, it is only natural that such media would ideally be free and widely accessible. (read more)
The Producer's Mind - Feb 16, 2010
A successful producer must be able to manage input and output. He must know where he is in the chain of production, what his immediate customer wants, and what the end consumer wants. He must then understand the "raw" material which he is buying, its cost and value. He must be aware of the business politics of his vendors, and to what degree they can be trusted. Basically, to be a success, he must be a gatekeeper of value. (read more)
Emotional Attachment - Feb 22, 2010
Unscrupulous advertisers seek to tap your emotional weak spots in order to push on you a product which you really don't need. Emotional attachment of this kind is unhealthy and ought to be exercised from a free thinking person's mind. This isn't to say that emotions are not valid, but a good rule of thumb would be that emotions are for people, not things. FITmedia seeks to create writers, producers, and distributors who understand that the only products that should sponsor true art are truly artful products. (read more)
Monetize the Starving Artist - Feb 23, 2010
I've found, through personal experience, that it is considerably difficult to balance the need to express one's art with the need to sustain oneself financially. Because one's art is entangled with one's sense of purpose, the artist can fall into the trap of self-satisfaction and the sacrifice of all else. In other words, it is easier to relegate one's art to the realm of the hobby and spend only a minimal amount of time bringing in a salary. This is, of course, the old concept of the "starving artist." (read more)
The FITmedia Difference - Feb 28, 2010
The consortium of independents created through this process would have an interest in the continued trade of their resources as a part of this community. Loyalty would only be sustained to the degree that the whole consortium (or at least units of a certain size) continue to operate with a spirit of freedom, integrity, and truth. (read more)

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