Friday, April 30, 2010

Empty Success

"The fastest route to tinsel-town success, the empty kind full of fame and money and no fulfillment, is to sell directly to the clamoring masses the poison for which their blackened hearts crave." -Chris Brady, Team
Have you ever wondered why daytime talk shows, "reality" TV, and soap operas (with their treacherous relationships) are so popular?

They are the modern freak show. And like the bearded-ladies and alligator boys of yore, they set a standard that is comfortably below where most people are—physically, financially, socially, and emotionally. Well... physical appearance and financial status is sometimes set above the average person (especially in fiction). When this happens, it for the purpose of bringing the beautiful and the wealthy down to our level or below. The degree to which these stars shine physically, is the degree to which they are social tyrants and emotionally unstable children.

Strangely, or perhaps fittingly, the creators who rush this kind of nonsense onto the silver screen and into our living rooms quickly find themselves becoming the very characters they sell. An empty profession breeds empty people. Since there really is no purpose (other than making money) to the business of creating reality celebrities, there is no way to truly make a difference. They get paid very well, but they reenforce the status quo and miss the opportunity to create art. Without a purpose, production is all labor and no heart.
FEATURED MEDIA: All About Eve - A film about the treachery that can sometimes happens behind the scenes as actors in traditional Hollywood claw their way to the top.

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