Friday, April 23, 2010

How to See Dead People

The unconscious mind is a powerful thing. Every exceptionally successful person has learned to master its potential. As we go through life we learn unconsciously. As we take in facts and go through experiences—both positive and negative—we learn how things are connected. This is the very purpose of a liberal education. When a mind is bombarded with diverse information, it searches for connections and therefore learns the significance of a library of nuances.

Sadly, far too few people recognize, let alone utilize, these subtle nuances. We are amazed at the accuracy of gut instinct guesses, and remain skeptical of them even when they prove themselves time and time again. Mostly we think it's "chance" or "luck" or even a "message from God," but never a simple matter of noticing the world around us.

My wife and I use our cellphones constantly. When we get separated in the mall, the very first action is to call the other person. This isn't wrong (what? a hypocrite? me?), but it makes me wonder how people managed in the old days. Really, I think we've gotten lazy because of our technology.

In the old days, people used ESP! You heard right. What we call "extra sensory perception" is not actually a "sixth sense," but a deeper, focused, more connected version of the first five. My dad and I had this conversation the other day. He doesn't own a cellphone, so when he and my mom get separated in the store, he doesn't have my knee-jerk reaction.

He just stops for a second, then marches in the direction that seems right. Within an unbelievably short amount of time, he walks right to her! Is it magic or psychic abilities? No, just a good ole sense of the world around him...and many years of marriage as well.

As dumb a superhero ability as it might sound, I've discovered that I can tell my grocery bill to within a dollar by just giving the cart a shove. Do I have knowledge of the future? No! A savant-like ability to add the price tags? Please, I'm usually chasing my son! What I have is experience pushing a cart and paying the bill. I didn't have to learn facts, I absorbed the information through my fingertips, then went with my gut.
FEATURED MEDIA: The Sixth Sense - A great meditation on surprise endings, the blatant evidence of the truth, and the superficially misleading events that disguise the truth. We can't see dead people, but we  can open our senses to a whole new world.

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