Monday, April 5, 2010

March '10: The Month in Posts

This post fell a little late, because I had apparently, and almost accidentally, created some cohesion this month. The dominant theme of this months posts had to do with a deeper understanding of two different types of producers: "creative" and "performing." I therefore, had to weed down the number of articles that dealt with this subject matter to the one that, I hope, best captures it. The others deal with a greater understanding of organizational structure, which will serve as s good primer as we delve into these subjects in the future.

Creative Control - March 8, 2010
Media, money, and marketing: the three M's of any artistic/creative endeavor, which have a naturally close relationship and therefore require the close attention of the key creator(s) or artists. Media is the thing itself; the "souvenir" or the channel through which the content is transfered to the consumer. For most artists, the chosen medium is important to the specific content (i.e.: a cookie is the ideal medium for a fortune). Whatever medium is chosen, some amount of money will be needed to give it life, and once alive, marketing is needed to recoup funds at a profit—if for no other reason than to personally fund another project. (read more)
The Wilds - March 15, 2010
It is difficult to see the supernatural from the heart of civilization. The more wild, the more is possible. The wild is an essential part of literature, as it is connected to and revealing of the heart of man, which is the force that moves a civilization forward. The very thing that compelling art seeks to capture in media, I believe, is the truth of the human heart (or soul). However, this is not something that stories can reveal as long as the fictional characters are ensconced in the routines of civilization. (read more)
Überfans - March 16, 2010
When it comes to entertainment media, there are several levels of interest. Regardless of its presence in the mainstream or the number of people in its own unique culture, all media inevitability rests its influence on three basic groups. First, the largest group worldwide is made up of those who know nothing about a given project, but may nonetheless be indirectly influenced by its effects. Second, those who consider themselves to be fans. Third, those who go beyond a simple appreciation to become überfans. (read more)
Third Side Philosophy - March 21, 2010
Third side philosophy is not any one specific philosophy, as far as I'm concerned, but an open-minded attitude toward all political and philosophical thought. The lack of such open-mindedness is most evident (but by no means exclusive to or 100% defining of) partisan politics and well-established big business. Both of these represent big institutions with strong central powers which have been doing what they are doing for far longer than current innovations have been around. That is to say, the game is changing but the players are not. (read more)
The Creative Cat - March 31, 2010
There are also two kinds of producers: creators and performers. Creators originate and innovate goods, services, and even business models. Performers make this happen, and get it into the hands of the end consumers. Creators develop and manufacture, while performers market and distribute.In the past, I've also referred to these as "developers" and "promoters," respectively. I think that the use of the words "creator" and "performer" are more general and all-inclusive. (read more)

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