Sunday, May 2, 2010

April '10: The Month in Posts

I have decided to narrow this month down to three posts that are particularly diverse, yet seem to resonate with one another. The plan is certainly coming together, I hope everyone is beginning to see where we can go in the future. Enjoy.

Failed Marketing - April 16, 2010
What I propose is an additional "sophistication" rating. For example, if a person dislikes "R" rated content, but is dissatisfied with the lack of intellectual challenge in "PG-13" movies, that person should be able to select "PG-13" content with an "25+" story. By contrast, if a person has a high tolerance for "R" content, but isn't looking for a challenge, he should be able to select a movie with a "13-17" story. (read more)
A Storyteller's Promise - April 24, 2010
It seems to me that every story comes with a promise. This promise is threefold. First, the promise is to conclude the story. Second, the promise is to balance the equation. Third, the promise is that the ending is worth the time spent listening. This is a sort of unwritten law which governs our reading, listening, and viewing experiences—a natural law, perhaps. (read more)
Based on a False Story - April 25, 2010
You could argue that doctors, lawyers, and cops are a part of our contemporary life, and therefore a part of the culture thereof. This is a fair argument, but allow me to ask: how often do you associate with these professions? Unless you work in one of those three fields, have a medical condition, or are a criminal, you likely don't enter that world. So why the media coverage, and at what cost? (read more)

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