Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Creative Clock

You've heard of the biological clock? That is, the metaphor for a woman's growing desire to have a child. The older she gets the louder the "ticking" of this clock becomes. She begins to be less superficial in her dating life, placing a higher priority on long-term values in a mate. She withdraws from the party scene, seeking more trusted avenues—such as referrals from close friends. She sheds her fears and procrastination in light of this worthy goal.

I'm not a woman, so I can't say how accurate this is. Nor can I say it applies the same to everyone who experiences it. I am, however, an artist, and there is most certainly a "creative clock" for the conception and birth of a brain child.

There is a point in an artist's life, when the idle play loses its fulfillment. A point when the consumption of one's favorite media gives way to the production of one's own original content. Like the single woman—afraid of becoming an "old maid"—an artist must find her partner. Only through the support of someone adept at the promotion of art can the artist truly conceive.

It is enough for many to create a beautiful world of fantastical stories—even stories with great worth. But many never go beyond this point. For some it is the fear of failure, for others it is the fear of criticism. The first group does not believe in their own artistic vision, the second believes in it too much. Both fear the bursting of their bubble—not believing it can be made of steel.

The spreading of these stories is bounded by a truth of reality. There are logistics to consider, voices to be heard, value to be added, offenses to be removed, misunderstandings to be cleared up. Art that possesses true value will withstand the tempering process of public and professional criticism—and it will be improved and strengthened by it.

So with the clock counting down, can you dare to believe your child will be strong? Can you find the right partner to ensure it is so? And most importantly, will you shake off procrastination and fear in order to make that greatest of commitments?

Your baby's counting on you!
FEATURED MEDIA: Juno - A teenage girl gets pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption. Sometimes destiny can bestow a brainchild in the same way, however, more in line with the subject of this post is the couple who ends up adopting the baby. The woman has certainly arrived at what she feels is "the time" for a child, much to the distress of her husband.

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