Friday, June 4, 2010

May '10: The Month in Posts

This month saw the end of television history. LOST came to a close. And while I will spare you in this post from further mourning, I do hope these posts will spark your imagination about what is possible in media in the years ahead knowing that such an epic drew an earnest ├╝berfanbase. Enjoy.

A Story is a Cypher - May 11, 2010
Give your audience all the secrets of your story, but give it to them in code. Then treat the remainder of your tale as that code's key. The earlier you give this information, the more concise you have to be, and the more central the symbols you use are. (read more)
What If You Got Paid? - May 16, 2010
There was a time when people were self-sufficient. They worked only when there was work to be done. The rest of the time they spent with their families and friends. Now we have debt and other financial obligations. We have to work to meet these obligations. We do it begrudgingly because somewhere inside we know that most of these obligations could have been avoided with better information and planning. (read more)
Battles of Heart and Mind - May 30, 2010
Certainly, the veterans of physical warfare, remembered at Arlington National Cemetery and other places, are the most obvious heroes to memorialize. However, there are many more unsung heroes: those both of ages and battles past, and of present battles fought in everyday life. I'm talking about the battles of heart and mind. Many people live in the grip of ignorance and fear. Many more live with a knowledge base that keeps them afraid. To do anything of significance, fear must be overcome. (read more)

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