Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That 2:30 Feeling

The media loves to paint pictures of the status quo. They love to tell you what's normal, including the pain, the drudgery, and the fatigue. These are facts of life, they say. No one likes working for someone else, but "ya gotta do what ya gotta do." Sure you'd love to eat healthy, but fast food is cheap and, well, fast.

Their partners in crime, consumer marketing, are then on hand to deliver solutions to the "problems." Have pain? Take pills. Don't like lots of pills? Take fewer pills, but always take them every day! In a rut? Lease a car! Tired? Got that 2:30 feeling? Drink caffeine. Hate the crash? Drink something worse.

The fact that so many of us can sympathize with the idea of a "2:30 feeling," ought to be a sign that something is very wrong. It is not normal to be tired at 2:30 in the afternoon.

As a culture, we have some seriously messed up habits. Some are for things we do, and others are for things we avoid. Mostly, however, an open minded and thorough investigation would reveal the following: We don't get enough well-rounded exercise. We eat, well, we eat toxins. We consume so many preservatives alone that our bodies hold up better than the casket (that might be an exaggeration, but you get the picture).

When we do stress our bodies, it is rarely in well-rounded and productive ways. We overexert at a moment's notice, never giving forethought to preparation. And I'd hazard a guess that many people would consider that exercise—I know I'm guilty.

If that isn't enough, the rest of our problems are directly self-inflicted through our lifestyles—and I'm not talking about alternative lifestyles. I mean even the most "straight" people (in whatever way), will stay up way too late. They skip breakfast, race through traffic, then stress out about whether or not the boss is going to say anything.

No wonder you're dead tired by 2:30!

Discipline and time-management skills are as important to fitness as good exercise and a balanced diet. Consuming excito-toxins, such as those found in conventional energy drinks is no more a solution to the real problem than is having a friend punch you in on time and hoping you don't get caught.
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