Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Force and Fallout

So many great ideas. So little impact. Artists tend to be scattered, beginning projects which will never or can never be finished. The ones that do get finished, seem a weak shadow of the artists' vision.

Somehow, a volume of such works gets spawned into existence. Each unit gathers some interest whenever it is viewed, and the collection might inspire awe. However, it is forgotten as soon as the next interesting thing is viewed.

The problem is focus. An artist must possess not only the ability to dream up one idea after another, but also the ability to prioritize these ideas. His vision must include the full breadth and depth of an idea's potential. He must be able to separate the good from the great, and commit to finishing what is destined to be great.

This sort of focus will generate enormous force of influence among those with whom it resonates. If this influence gains enough momentum, then it will—like a nuclear blast—also generate fallout. Beyond clearing the board and leveling the playing field, fallout changes the game over time.

Create something great, useful, beneficial—then branch out to where people's thinking is. Interest them, challenge them, lead them to sophistication.

With focus, you can create a powerful blast that will grab the attention of like-minded people. These people will be compelled to share the experience of such a work of art. "Finally," many of them will say, "Someone has said what I could not." The art will act as a catalyst for discussion, and hearts and minds will be changed for the better.

But this starts with a challenge to the artist, who must understand truth in order to inspire greatness. The countdown begins with you.

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