Sunday, August 1, 2010

July '10: The Month in Posts

The ideas of the cause are continuing to come together! As a man on a journey of discovery, I am blown away by what I discover about myself, my world, and the people that want to control both—even if they believe wholeheartedly that it is for my own good.

But you know I don't subscribe to that.

Selling Out - July 11, 2010
Ultimately, I think selling out means betraying your fans, especially your ├╝berfans. If you can't sell the vast majority of your ├╝berfans on the change, then you've bitten the hand that feeds you. On the other hand (pun intended), if the change brings your art closer to its FIT state, then your fans will either come around or they weren't true fans—either way, you'll increase your ├╝berfanbase. (read more)
The Apparatus - July 13, 2010
There is nothing wrong with constructing a machine to handle what is known, insofar as it is available for use by all. Factories became an important part of our economy in the early 20th Century, and have evolved from the literal industrial form into big box stores and other business models. The more tasks can be gotten "down to a science," more machines can take over those tasks. This is desirable because it frees people to solve more organic problems which require human creativity. (read more)
Language is the Key to Thought - July 15, 2010
I came to the realization that language is not only limited to words, but also to visual forms. It was not because I knew the name for a transmission that I was able to identify the one in my car, but because I understood the form of a transmission. Having learned more extensively what each car part does within the system, my brain was able to capture the range of shapes to which a given part is limited—by physical laws, among other things. (read more)
The War of Ideas - July 18, 2010
In considering these Questions, there is a huge difference between being moderate and being mediocre. To be a spectator at the game of life is to merely watch the competition of ideas in the political and social arena. Mediocrity is waiting for the hard questions to be answered by someone else—then reading the scores with an idle interest. (read more)
168 Hours, Part 2 - July 22, 2010
The New Network Plan - The television network will have to undergo an extreme makeover to survive the information revolution. First, it must forgo static programming. Second, it must trim the fat from its output. Third, it must liquidate and re-commission its assets. Fourth, it must welcome creative fans. Fifth, it must reward evangelism. (read more)
Leaders and Followers - July 26, 2010
By constantly seeking to be in agreement with the mind of the masses in order to maintain expanding (if increasingly unstable) viewership, mass media entertainment unknowingly follows it into the inevitable depths of pessimism. Media that criticizes the world for its problems merely re-enforces the thinking that created the problems. (read more)

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