Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August '10: The Month in Posts

I must admit this has been a trying month for me, as evidenced by my diminished number of posts. Everyone has times when life's challenges cannot be put off until another time. These challenges are the sort that require one's creative engine in the production of personal solutions, and so, sap creative energies from outreach projects such as this blog. However, as I read back through the month, I realize that though the articles be fewer, the content seems to me to be growing in quality and clarity. I hope you agree.

New Faith Culture - August 9, 2010
If that one text is perfect, as an adherent must suppose, it cannot explain all the problems of the world. Cannot, because a perfect text cannot by definition contain imperfect thinking, which is at the root of all problems. To follow, but not adopt, a line of imperfect thinking is to education yourself in the art of repairing that thinking. (read more)
Force and Fallout - August 18, 2010
The problem is focus. An artist must possess not only the ability to dream up one idea after another, but also the ability to prioritize these ideas. His vision must include the full breadth and depth of an idea's potential. He must be able to separate the good from the great, and commit to finishing what is destined to be great. (read more)
If I Knew Then... - August 21, 2010
"If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have wasted all that time." This is a common thought for anyone who has persevered through some trial in life, and come out the other side with nothing material to show for it. Sometimes driven people can become so focused on their goals—particularly if it is a material goal—that they fail to address problems along the way. (read more)
Unity and Understanding - August 26, 2010
Unity and understanding are two terms which are critical to a civil society and its prosperity. Both are often applauded in the media, but not as a general rule—applying to everyone. It's one thing to desire unity and understanding within a tribe, and quite another to desire them between tribes. (read more)

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