Appreciator: Basically a fan of the FITmedia network. Someone who adds value to the cause by "consuming" media output and providing feedback and other useful resources.

composition-focus: Creators focus on generating "works" which speak for themselves. Thus, composition, such as writing a screenplay or business plan, takes priority over execution.

creator: Someone who is driven by the need to innovate, to develop something new, to change the game, to leave work that speaks for itself.

Developer: A member of the general consortium, whose resources are on hand to create media for the network.

execution-focus: Performers focus on executing tasks in a given system, such as the execution of a script or screenplay, or the assembly and management of a franchise business.

FITstate: The state in which any person, organization, plan, product, etc. has achieved an optimum balance within the constraints of reality so as to maximize its value.

FIT Principle: "How well the pieces fit is how FIT the pieces are." FIT stands for: "Freedom, Integrity, Truth."

irrational rationale: A well-thought out decision which has poor consequences long-term. Such a decision is based upon emotional unwillingness to understand a situation or group of people, and is therefore irrational in basis despite being well-reasoned outside those irrational presumptions.

Orchestrator: A member of an elite group comprised of the network's top minds at that point in time, whose job is to inform policies based upon extensive field experience.

performer: Someone who is driven to excel in his or her chosen endeavor(s), to play their chosen game well. As long as it is a competition, this person performs.

producer: Someone who largely seeks to add value to the world, to make things better, or more profitable.

Promoter: A member of the general consortium, whose business supports (i.e.: outside sponsorship) or promotes (i.e.: distributes our media) the network and its products.

snack media: A type of media defined by having a low density of information and/or a single point it explores, regardless of the quality of execution.

Truth in Fiction: A philosophy of story-based media which is founded upon the idea that the depth and authenticity of characters is more important to the story's success than the surface plot.

überfan: Someone who is extremely loyal to a media creator, or specific media project. Überfans tend to own most of the souvenirs that are available.